The Band

Tubaluba is the brainchild of Josh “Papaluba” Wilson. In 2009, Wilson gathered personnel with the philosophy that players had to be good, and players had to be cool. Musically, Wilson hoped to capture the spirit of New Orleans, and convey it with a brass street band rhythm and style.

The band still plays some of the brass band and vintage soul favorites that inspired it’s conception, but is steadily writing, developing, and performing its own repertoire. Their self titled debut was released on Fat Tuesday 2012 to fanfare from Seattle’s KEXP radio, and the second album was released as a vinyl 45 in July 2014.

Tubaluba currently does most of its entertaining on the West Coast, but the band aspires to take its brand of jambalaya brass pop nationwide, targeting festivals, celebrations, and any place people want to shake it.


To book Tubaluba, please contact In The Pocket Artists:

Phone: 541-550-7260

Email: info at inthepocketartists dot com

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Tubaluba Poster 2014


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